We have always strived to give the very best that our children deserve, whether it is speech therapy, occupational therapy, natural interventions or varied academic environments. We feel we owe it to our children to make up for what society perceives as a disability, but what we parents feel is just a difference in how our children view the world. Though it may not be a societal norm now, we hope that maybe one day our children will be accepted into a new ‘normal’.


While interventions and treatments for ASD have grown manifold, the choices of suitable academic environments have been limited. To find a program that encompasses the neurobiological way students acquire knowledge is difficult and time consuming. 

We have high hopes for our children despite their disability, and want to support and encourage them to reach their full potential in life. We collectively wanted to provide a program with a model that engages each student's learning system. So we gathered up our strength and pulled together to do what is right for our kids. Though there is an enormous risk involved in pulling our kids out of an established system, we feel it will be worth it if we could give them the right learning environment, and supportive and dedicated staff to make sure they succeed in their endeavors. We want our kids to be given all the opportunities that their neurotypical siblings get.

We are very happy to be able to take our children’s destiny in our own hands and use highly skilled and devoted faculty to help shape their future. Hopefully this is just the beginning of their wonderful journey of discovery. The world is at their feet and we will help them reach for the stars.

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