Pauline Lee

Pauline Lee I P.I.E.

Personal Bio and Philosophy: God fearing/loving, music loving, emerging artist, passionate teacher, loving humanitarian, violin gangsta, piano mobster, and side guitarist. I believe art should be part of everyone's life and that it should not be denied. I know that kids with special needs all have dreams. They all have things they strive for. It is up to us to create opportunities for children to express themselves and to give them the tools to unlock the potential of their mind. All we need to do is listen, learn from them, and help them conceptualize the world around them. 

My job is not to change the kids. My job is to build them up to be better versions of themselves. So when they grow up they are successful adults that contribute to society in their own way. 

Qualification Summary: BA in child, adolescent and family studies. Teaching credentials in mild/moderate and moderate/severe special education. A career specializing in working with kids with special needs. Over ten years experience in ABA therapy, teaching and behavior interventions. Pauline has experience working in the NsLLT model and she is currently working on her Master's degree at the University of Portland with a specialization in neuroeducation.

Parent Testimonial

We want a place that is safe and nurturing for Ashley, a place where she can learn and grow. This happened when we met Ms. Lee. Special needs students need special teachers. There was such a difference in Ashley, we realized the importance of having a teacher that truly cares and want a program that is willing to invest in our child.