Is P.I.E. a public funded school?

Currently, P.I.E. is not a publicly funded school. 

How do I apply to P.I.E.?

Space is limited, but you can fill out the contact form and we will contact you with relevant information.

What grades do you offer at P.I.E.?

We offer grades based off of curriculum but we mainly look at IEP progress. We mostly serve students at Middle and High school level grades.

Is P.I.E. a year-round program? How many months is P.I.E. in session during the year?

Apart from brief breaks for winter, spring and summer, P.I.E. is a year round program.

Do you offer after school classes? 

Right now, we only offer regular school programs.

Are supplies are provided by the school?

Right now tuition covers basic supplies but parents may need to provide additional writing supplies or technology for their student to use. 


What degree of involvement is required from parents?

We require as much involvement as a parent can commit to. We are a collective group of parents that work together with the teacher to help our children succeed.

How are students supported in work completion?
Students are supported in small groups and will get individualized attention as needed. Work completion will be  based  on an individual student's goals and needs. 

What is the ratio of instructors and aides to students?
The proposed ratio is 4:1 

Can I get a refund on my tuition if I remove my students halfway through the year?

Unfortunately our scale of operation prevents us from refunding any fees if a student is withdrawn from school at any point during the school year.


What kinds of parental support and parental funding are required throughout the year?

We will host fundraisers in order to fund any outside activities and meet any unforeseen additional expenses not budgeted for at the beginning of the school year. Parents may be called upon from time to time to supervise trips or carpool students to field trips and other outside activities. Parents who attend P.I.E also need to enroll their child into NWRESD as home school students.