Learning without Limits


P.I.E. is currently a pilot program. We help kids with unique profiles of strengths and challenges. At P.I.E., teachers and parents collaborate to develop an individual curriculum that meets the needs of each child with ASD or learning differences.


In our effort to provide the best possible education for P.I.E.'s students, we need your support. We greatly appreciate your donation, big or small. Every dollar supports our kids.

Make us your cause! 

Parents' Messages

I want Benjamin to learn in a positive encouraging and engaging team environment where he can enrich his natural talents and become a self-sufficient young individual. 


~ Irina


P.I.E.: Program for Intellectual Empowerment

tel: (503) 765-5641

Address: 8470 SW Oleson Rd., Portland, OR 

Monday - Friday (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

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